up by £70.

Gloria Tuffey, of Felix Neubergh House, in Seaford Road, Enfield Town, has diabetes and asthma and relies on her car to get around.

The 72-year-old has now hit out at Enfield Council for the price hike, which she says could cost her independence.

She said: “Outside the flats where I live there are residents permits, so if I want to keep my independence and drive, I have no other option than to pay for a parking place.

“I can’t walk very far at all. I appreciate that it’s the law and I am happy to pay for the residence parking permit, but I had a huge shock last week when I went to renew the permit.

“I nearly fainted when the gentleman behind the counter told me that the permit would now cost me £110.

“I reminded the gentleman that I’m a pensioner and asked him what the cost was for people such as myself, to which he replied that £110 applied to everyone.”

When she moved into her flat eight years ago, she started paying £45 for the annual permit.

“I understand that I have to pay for parking and I knew before I moved into my flat, but how on earth can it go from £45 to £110 and have no concession for pensioners?” she added.

She also claims that she was denied a Blue Badge when she applied two years ago because she was not on any benefits at that time.

Changes to the Community Parking Zone permit charges were agreed in September 2016 and the authority claims all residents received a questionnaire on the proposals to their homes.

Enfield Council said Mrs Tuffey’s permit has increased because she has a bigger engine.

An Enfield Council spokesperson, said: “The new permit tariffs for residents, based on engine size rather than CO2 emissions, were introduced on September 1, 2016.

“This approach is much fairer for all. Residents who cannot afford the newer, most fuel-efficient cars are not unfairly penalized.

“Those with smaller engines, rich and poor alike, will pay less than those driving larger fuel-efficient cars.

“In implementing the new tariffs the service should be more efficient and cover the costs of enforcement and administration.

“It was also decided to withdraw the concessions previously offered to the over-65 age group as the council is no longer able to subsidise the discount, largely due to the huge savings Enfield Council is being forced to make by central government.”