A teenage boat crew has become the first from a state school to complete the world’s largest offshore yacht race.

The crew from Greig City Academy, in Wood Green, finished Fastnet at 01:38 - in 142nd place out of 368 boats.

Sailing in a 45ft 1980s American racing yacht "Scaramouche", the crew sailed from Southampton on Sunday August 6 round the Fastnet lighthouse off Ireland, before arriving in Plymouth.

Enfield Independent:

Geography teacher and head of sixth form, Jon Holt, said: “The lads were very pleased to finish and eat proper food after so long away.

“They were engulfed by the media wanting interviews and comments.

“The Rolex Fastnet is the biggest offshore ocean yacht race in the world.

“And they did brilliantly in it.”

Enfield Independent:

After restoring an old yacht bought off ebay four years ago, the school was rejected from entering the Arrows Trophy school race because it is a non-fee paying comprehensive.

Determined to enter Royal Ocean Racing Club races Scaramouche, they raised £17k to buy Scaramouche.

The crew competed in three qualifying races to gain entry to the Fastnet challenge.

All the crew had to pass safety qualifications RYA Sea Survival, RYA First Aid and RYA Ocean Safety courses.

Mr Holt, added: The boys were motivated by the need to do well.

“We were the only school in the Fastnet Race and we were the first ever state school to take part, so we wanted to represent ourselves well.

Enfield Independent:

“The crew has way surpassed our wildest dreams with their performance.

“They sailed the yacht themselves day and night for 5 days under the supervision of qualified Yacht Masters.

“One of the crew, Montel, did so well that he was invited to helm the Lloyds of London Yacht Lutine for Pioneer Underwriters for all of Cowes Week in which he won 4 races.

“He is now being advised about possibly studying for his Yacht Master and getting a place on a professional racing yacht.”

Funding comes from talks students give to trust funds.

They have given over 50 talks to date.

The most notable was that given to HRH Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace at a private reception.

Their first race was in 2015.

Mr Holt, said: “In our first race in 2015 we thought we had no chance.

“The boat was not finished and we made a big mistake at the start.

“We dropped to 35th place but slowly picked up place and to our astonishment, overtook everyone to finish first.”