Author Nathan Buckman is on a mission to raise the self-esteem and motivation of people with his writing.

Last year he published his first book, The Briet Side: The Little Book of Wisdom, after seeing a lot of young people struggle with self-belief while he was growing up in Tottenham.

The book was filled with a collection of his own favourite thought-provoking quotes as well as those written by others to help give members of the community some guidance.

Now he is set to release a follow up True Colours, which is steering away from quotes and will instead explore Nathan’s thoughts and values to help provide inspiration to readers.

The 25-year-old, who studied for a BSc Hons in Business Management at the University of East London, explains how his passion for reading helped inspire his writing…

Can you tell readers about your new book?

My book True Colours is a motivational book that expresses my thoughts and philosophies, along with my diary of events. It covers various topics such as finance, society, culture, politics and religion.

Where did you get inspiration for it?

As a person who is opinionated and curious about the going-ons in the world, I felt that it would be ideal to put all of my thoughts onto paper.

Is it similar or different to other books you have written?

It is slightly similar to my last book The Briet Side in the sense of inspiration and philosophy. However, True Colours is a fully written narrative, rather than a quote book.

Why do you like writing motivational books- do you like to make a positive difference to people’s lives?

I love to make a positive difference in people's lives. I also see motivation as a subconscious thing. As I have been reading many motivational books in the past, it is normal for me to feel motivated and easy for me to share my knowledge. I tend to write about what I have learnt, what affects my life and what I am passionate about (which is motivation), so I lean towards such matters when I am writing.

How long has it taken to write this book?

I started writing this book in 2015 and just finished in April. I could have finished writing it earlier but I had a heavy schedule and I spent most of my time proof-reading, making corrections and adding new content.

Can you give some examples of how your writing is motivational - any quotes or snippets you can share with readers from this particular book?

"It is not riches that make you happy and successful, it's about your inner strength and goals that will make you successful."

"You shouldn't wait until you have seen the results before you start working hard. You start working hard from the beginning of regardless of how successful you are."

True Colours will be available on Amazon in July.