STAFF at a nursery run from the ground floor of a family home are raising money for a children's hospital in honour of its pearl anniversary.

Gina Ferriter opened her doors to pupils aged two to five-years-old in Morley Hill, Enfield, 30 years ago.

She has now launched a fundraising campaign and is appealing for donations to help Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Gina said: “The nursery school has been part of the community in Enfield for the past three decades and the celebration was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

“I have so many favourite memories. We are very privileged to work with the children at this wonderful time of their lives.

“Listening to the children sing in unison, watching them grow in independence, being forever surprised at the children’s inventiveness, their refreshing perspectives and their great sense of wonder.

“A three-year old asked ‘how do we think and dream?’”

She added: “Our nursery team have been with the school for many years and are a truly thoughtful and effective group for whom I am greatly appreciative.

“We are working with wonderful young minds that are evolving daily, and we have constantly to be up to the challenge.

“This inspires us to be forever mindful to notice, to make note and effect change as we strive to further understand what works for each of the children in our setting.”

There have been challenges to overcome over the thirty-year life of Gina’s Montessori school.

To make a donation to Gina’s fundraising efforts for Great Ormond Street hospital, visit