Haringey Council have apologised for giving a park group just 48 hours’ notice before inviting redevelopers to bid for land.

In an email sent on October 6, the council contacted the Friends of Down Lane Park group saying they intend to lease out the bowling green and connected buildings for “community use”.

It went on to say “we intend to advertise the opportunity from Monday, October 10, so we would appreciate it if you were able to provide any comments by the end of the week.”

As the email was sent on Thursday morning, it appeared the group was being given less than two days to respond.

However the council have now said the email was an “error”.

A spokesperson said: “We are sorry for the error and have asked the Friends of Down Lane Park and local residents to send us their views and comments on Down Lane Park bowling green by Friday, October 21.”

Martin Ball, chairman of Friends of Down Lane Park, claimed the mess proved the council views the community with “contempt”.

He said: “The council are only sorry at being exposed for trying to force through their agenda to part-privatise the bowling green.

“Down Lane Park has improved in recent years through the council listening to what the community wants.  But if we are going back to the time when the council tried to put housing on the children's playgrounds, then it is clear local people will once again have to assert that the park should improve as they wish. 

“The Friends will honestly engage in the discussion over the future of the former bowling green, but we do so knowing the council regards the community as an after-thought.”

Under the current plans, the site will be leased for two years, rent free, during which the leaseholder will be responsible for creating and managing the new facility.

Interested parties are required to submit a proposal by Friday, November 4.