A 101-year-old great grandmother who was mugged in August says she can “trust people again” after a community tea party was held in her honour.

Frail centenarian Alexteen Roberts was pushed to the floor and had her bag containing £300 stolen on August 23 in Westcott Close, which she said left her feeling afraid.

Jawad Naser, 37, of Gladesmore Road in Tottenham, has been charged with the attack.

Yesterday (October 9), the public showed their support for Mrs Roberts by holding a part at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in her honour, which she attended along with many members of her family.

She said: “I am getting over it, I’m feeling much better. Where he thumped me I have a bump, but I’m getting better.

“If he was here, the man who did this, I would put him over my knee and wallop him. When I first came here from Jamaica such things never happened.

“I feel now I can trust people again, though I do keep my doors locked. Being here proves there are lots of good people in Tottenham.”

Mrs Roberts was also presented with a cheque of £1,171, after a fundraiser aiming to raise the £300 stolen from her received online support.

Her great-granddaughter Roxanne West said while it had been a “difficult” time for the family it had brought them closer together.

The 30-year-old said: “It is quite disturbing someone would do that to an old lady, but she has fighting spirit, she has been ill before and has always come back, no doubt this will be the same. She is head of the family, top of the tree.

“We are really grateful, it’s overwhelming. She is really happy.”

Another great-granddaughter, Samantha Mcintosh, added: “I saw her a few days after, I was so surprised she was in high spirits, she was talking about going to church when she was better, she was just happy having people to see her.

“I saw about the party and how many people donated, and just through wow, this is really the people pulling together. It makes me feel really happy.”

The party was organised by Cheryl Cohen through the Tottenham Ploughman Facebook group, who said despite never having met Mrs Roberts before Sunday, she had wanted to show how the people of Tottenham felt.

She said: “I saw the headlines and was shocked, I thought we should do something as a community to show support.

“I put a message on the page and it went from there, the response has been fantastic. People just think it is a nice thing to do.”

Ellie Baily, who began the fundraiser through the same page, said: “We are very surprised, we just really hoped we would raise £300, it just shows how generous people can be.

“I think the major thing is the psychological impact, the financial aspect is a small thing, most important is to show people care.”