A union representative has hit out at the “cowardly bullies” who slashed his tyres and left an abusive note on his car.

Barnet Unison General Secretary John Burgess, who lives in Enfield Town, woke up yesterday morning to find a nail had been dug into the front wheel of his car.

On his windscreen was a handwritten note, scrawled with the words ‘****** union *******. Get back home from here!’

The 53-year-old has been leading the Your Choice Barnet strikes as care workers fight for a wage increase from Barnet council.

He said: “I’m appalled, but now I’m shocked. How do people know where I live?

“I find it cowardly – why can’t they just say it to my face? Either way, I won’t put up with it. They are bullies, but I won’t be intimidated.”

Mr Burgess represented Barnet Unison at Gay Pride, which was held in June, and also signed the Unite Against Fascism statement against the neo-Nazi demonstration in Golders Green.

He added: “We were quite public about our support against the Golders Green rally and I imagine the *******reference is because I was carrying the gay pride flag.

“This is a bit of a personal attack and reminds me of the Nazi campaigns.”

Mr Burgess, who lives with his wife, has now reported what happened to the police who are investigating.

He is considering buying a CCTV camera to catch the vandals in the act in case they ever strike again.

He added: “This hasn’t put me off getting involved in strikes – with austerity, our members and low paid workers are being hit the hardest and we have to do something about it.

“Nobody will get intimidated in our union. We’ve got a zero tolerance policy.”