Criminals caught with knives more than once should face the sharp end of the law according to an MP.

David Burrowes, member of parliament for Enfield Southgate, has pushed for a date to be set on when a “two strikes and you’re out” police will be implemented on knife crime.

After being elected to the Home Affairs Select Committee Mr Burrowes urged the minister of state for policing Mike Penning to set out exactly when the measures would be brought in.

He said: “Mandatory sentencing with “two strikes and you’re out” has had its impact on burglary.

“When is the Minister going to get on and implement this mandatory “two strikes and you’re out” policy for knife crime?

“It was introduced in January, but now we need to ensure that we set a clear implementation date rather than have the latest “as soon as possible” response from the Department.”

MP for Hemel Hempstead Mr Penning said: “It is right and proper to pay tribute to Nick de Bois, whose work on knife crime from the Government Benches led to legislation being put on the statute book.

“My hon. Friend, who knows me well, will know that I intend to implement it as soon as I possibly can.”