A man living with damp and mould has hit out at a housing association over his “shocking” living conditions.

Yacine Houadef was placed in social housing by Enfield Council 14 years ago, and has since lived in a property managed by One Housing Group.

The two-bedroom house in Standard Road, where he lives with his wife and four children, suffers from damp and mould.

He said: “It’s terrible. You leave a loaf of bread in the kitchen and it goes mouldy. You do your washing and your clothes get covered in mould.

“All four of my children have to sleep in one room, which is covered in mould and damp all over the ceilings and walls.

“One of my daughters, who is 15, suffers from asthma and cannot spend any time in this room because of the stink of mould. She gets more asthma attacks in autumn and winter when the mould is at its worst.”

Mr Houadef added that his eldest daughter,17, had to visit an optician because the mould was irritating her eyes.

His children’s beds have now been moved away from the walls, which he claims are leaking.

He said: “I don’t know what to do. I’ve complained to the council and to One Housing and neither of them will listen to me.

“They are more concerned with the money it will cost to fix this than with the wellbeing of my family”.

A spokesman for One Housing said: “The problem is not damp, it’s condensation that is creating mould, so that’s been caused by activities that are taking place in the house. If you have a sofa against the wall, that can create that problem.”

The spokesman said that although they had encouraged the Mr Houadef to put the heating on, he had refused because of the cost of energy bills.

The spokesman continued: “If you’re breathing onto a cold surface it creates condensation and that has a knock-on effect."

One Housing say their surveyor visited the house in late November and suggested placing vents in the wall. However, when the contractor visited in early December, he was not permitted access to the property. Mr Houadef denies that this visit took place.

The spokesman added: “There is an overcrowding issue, and the family can apply to move to a bigger property. The problem is that bigger properties are very scarce in London.”

One Housing says it will try to arrange a date to visit the property next week.

A spokesman for Enfield Council said One Housing were the landlords of the property, but would look at Mr Houadef's complaint.