Extra traffic officers are putting the brakes on speed junkies using a dual carriageway as a race track after a spate of arrests and speeding tickets.

Following a story by the Enfield Independent into the continuous drag racing on Sunday evenings on the A10 causing misery for residents, traffic officers have now caught people speeding on the road.

Enfield MPS revealed on social media site Twitter its latest results during the past two Sundays of adrenaline fuelled racing stating that they had produced 22 speeding tickets, five court summons for speeding and two arrests which included one for drunk driving.

There were also several tickets produced for mobile phone use and no MOT.

People living on the A10 have endured years of misery as they see their road turned into a race track for people up and down the country to use.

Rajesh Khilare, who lives on the A10, claimed that the racing had “ruined his weekends” but is now hopeful that something is being done.

He said: “It is positive to hear the latest figures and maybe now we are seeing some action after years of suffering.

“However this cannot be just a short term thing where the police show some force for a couple of weeks and then leave it again until next summer, all we can do is wait.”

Inspector Carl Silcock, from Enfield's Safer Neighbourhoods team said: “Following our recent success in addressing speeding drivers on the A10, we would like to remind residents that we will continue to deal with this serious issue.

“We will continue to routinely patrol the A10 and the retail park areas and take appropriate action against those committing speeding offences."

Enfield North MP Nick de Bois said: "This is welcome and encouraging news but we need to see a sustainable effort that will eradicate this problem on a permanent basis and that's what we will now focus on to build on this initial work."

Nick Dines, Conservative Councillor for Chase Ward, said: “This is fantastic work by the Police and the many residents whose lives are blighted on Sunday evenings by the noise of these cars will be relieved.

“Hopefully the boy racers who have been treating the A10 as their own private racetrack will get the message that we don’t want them breaking the law in Enfield, making people’s lives a misery.”