Squatters that have occupied a previous university campus have been evicted.

The campaigners have been fighting against the Cat Hill development by London and Quadrant Housing to turn the disused Middlesex University site into a 231-home area.

The protesters have been battling against the housing developers for years, claiming that the natural habitat on the site will be destroyed by L&Q.

Squatters have taken up residency on the site for more than three months but that came to an end last week when bailiffs took them off the site.

The decision had been made at Barnet County Court last month that the squatter were to be evicted.

Kim Coleman, an avid campaigners against the development told the Enfield Independent that bailiffs were “heavy handed” when removing the environmentalists.

She said: “It was quite unnecessary to see them being so heavy handed to the environmentalists. They was acting as if these were the most militant group in the world, it was heart-breaking to see.

“They have regained themselves and are situated at the top camp site now. It will take them a while to come to terms with what happens.

“We will not give up on this and will be tracking everything L&Q does on that site.”