A woman has been left suffering from depression after Enfield Homes failed to replace her bedroom ceiling when it started to leak.

Sarah Narimembe, 50, of Hadrians Ride, in Bush Hill Park, has been stuck with a fibreglass ceiling for almost a year, forcing her to sleep on the sofa.

“I noticed a crack in the ceiling in October 2012 in the corner of my bedroom and it was causing a leak,” Ms Narimembe told the Enfield Independent.

“I called Enfield Homes up and they did nothing, so the mould was spread more and more which was bad for me health.”

The hotel attendant claims that Enfield Homes then removed the ceiling on September 2, 2013, and told her they would put a new ceiling on in the coming months.

She said: “The knocked down the ceiling leaving the area where the leak was right open. They said they would be back in December. But they did nothing.

“I cannot sleep in that room anymore, every time it rains I fill up buckets and buckets of water. Nobody should be made to live like this.”

Forced to sleep in her front room, Ms Narimembe revealed this has caused her great pain and left her depressed.

She said: “Who pays rent to live like this? It is disgraceful. It is has given me tension and depression, I sleep in pain.

“No one has helped me. I can’t pay the rent after two years like this in Britain, I never lived in places like this in Africa.”

The 50-year-old last received a visit from Enfield Homes in March but has yet to hear back from them regarding her ceiling.

She added: “My friends told me not to go in that room because it is a health hazard from the fibreglass and it will make you ill breathing it in.”

An Enfield Homes spokesperson said: “Due to delays by Enfield Homes’ contractor these works were re-assigned in August.

“The new contractor is currently negotiating access with this tenant’s neighbour in order to erect scaffolding. Enfield Homes regrets this delay and inconvenience and will be meeting Ms Narimembe as soon as possible to apologise.”