A group of pupils took a stand against cyberbullying on social media by creating a hard-hitting short film.

Students from St Anne’s Catholic school, in Palmers Green, joined youth group Exposure to create the short film Sticks and Phones.

Helped by associate cabinet member Councillor Bambos Charalambous, the group highlighted that one in three youngster now experience being bullied online which lead to 20 suicides in the UK during 2013.

Cllr Charalambous said: “I congratulate all the students from St Anne’s who made this film and also Exposure for making it happen. Cyberbullying can have a profound effect on young people who may feel that they can never escape hurtful and spiteful posts about them on social media websites.

“Sticks and Phones is a brilliant short film. It will hopefully make those who electronically post nasty things about others think again and also show victims they are not alone and can get help.”

Alan Riley, head of media at St Anne’s, said: “The St Anne’s pupils who worked with Exposure have benefitted hugely from the extensive skills, expertise and boundless enthusiasm they brought to the cyberbullying film project."

The volunteers also had the chance to interview Zoe Brownlie, head of the international bullying prevention charity BeatBullying.

She said: “Recent research done by BeatBullying shows that 38 per cent of young people who have been bullied consider suicide afterwards.

“This short film shows the reality of how people feel every day. It illustrates that people need to realise the impact their words have on others, both on and offline, and think about this before they comment.”

Aycan Mehmet, 17, a pupil at the school, said: “My involvement in the project has given me great confidence and insight to how much work goes into the production of a film."

Watch the film here: