Plans to change the way a golf club is run have led to division among members.

Players at the Leaside Golf Course, in the Lee Valley complex, on Meridian Way, feared it could close after it was place under review by its owners, the Lee Valley Regional Parks Authority.

Now some are concerned fees could rise after it was revealed the authority was considering leasing out the club or bringing in a contractor to run it.

Phil Page, a regular golfer at the course, fears older members could be forced to go elsewhere if new operators raise fees.

He said: “This could possibly be a disaster for the club and its users. There is a great concern here because a private company could stick prices through the roof leaving many of the older generation who use it with nowhere to go.

“It would surely go against the reasons why the Lee Valley was built in the first place, which was for sport and leisure.”

The golf club was created in 1972 and is popular among older players.

The parks authority's 'expression of interest' document lists three main objectives - to operate the site at no cost to the authority, to ensure the non-golf areas are maintained to conserve natural habitats and to deliver an “efficient operation and sustainable leisure business.”

David Roche, chairman of the club believes this could be a good move.

He said: “It is unsure as to what will come of the golf course but this could be a good move if someone is to come in and run it under a lease.

“Our main objective is to keep the club open. It would be concerning if prices were to go up but we cannot say yet.”

The authority has given until September 1 for anyone to declare their interest.

Bill Moran, senior venues manager at Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, said: “We are exploring all options as part of the golf course review and considering management options is part of this process.

“As we’ve said Lee Valley Golf Course will continue to operate under the current arrangements throughout this summer and autumn and the review will be completed by autumn 2014.”