A woman is looking to appeal to people with a rare condition to step forward and create a support group.

Sally Ainsworth, of Enfield, is looking to set up a support for people suffering with fibromyalgia in the area in a bid to give people more information.

The condition causes pain all over the body and increases fatigue, muscle stiffness, sleeping difficulties and stomach pains.

Having already set up a page on social media site Facebook, Ms Ainsworth is now hoping to gain funding to help pay for room hire, speakers and therapists.

She said: “Many GPs do not have enough knowledge of Fibromyalgia to give the correct advice and support. The group will enable people to share their thoughts and feelings knowing they are all experiencing the same problems. 

“A large number of people with Fibromyalgia cannot work or have to work part-time because they feel so ill most of the time, hence money is tight and they cannot afford the therapies that can help them to feel better even for a short while.”

Ms Ainsworth is hoping to base the group in Windmill Hill the Lancaster Centre, in Lancaster Road.