The principal of a college said she was ‘deeply impressed’ with her students' GCSE results.

Pupils at Haringey, Enfield and North East London College trembled with joy as they received their GCSE grades.

The college saw 92 per cent of its English and maths GCSE students successfully achieve their qualifications.

A total of 49 per cent of student achieve A* to C grades in their higher maths GCSE and 32 per cent gained higher maths GCSE grades of A* or A.

For many of the students, this means that they can go on to university or the next level of study at the college.

Arashvand Mitra, of Enfield, achieved an A* in her maths GCSE and also completed applied science BTEC Level 2 this year.

She said: “I worked really hard in maths and science and the result is fantastic.”

As well as collecting her results, Arashvand also enrolled to start her applied science BTEC diploma Level 3 in September.

Elsewhere, Kugapiriyan Ramachandran, also of Enfield, got the GCSE in maths he needed to start at Royal Holloway University in September doing computer science with management.

He said: “This grade was all I needed to secure my place at uni and I’m so grateful to the college for all the help I got.”

Jane O’Neill, interim college principal and chief executive, said: “I am deeply impressed that we have such hardworking and gifted students at the college who each year achieve their qualifications with outstanding grades.

“Many will be moving on to work and university and some will be progressing to another course at a higher level at the college.  I wish them all every success in their future studies and careers.”