More than 20 men per 100,000 are dying from prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer survivor Dave Newby, of Enfield, has been protesting in Parliament about the inequalities locally in relation to awareness, information and support for those suffering from the disease in the borough.

Backed by Edmonton MP Andy Love, a campaign with Prostate Cancer UK has been launched to help raise awareness of the most common cancer in men.

Mr Love said: “Together with Prostate Cancer UK I want to ensure that all men in Enfield are armed with the knowledge of their risk of prostate cancer, and that those living with it have everything they need to tackle the disease head on and have quality time with loved ones.

“It should not be a post code lottery as to the quality of care that sufferers receive.  Men in Enfield deserve better and it is clear that there are areas that our local NHS trust can improve on.”