The leader of the biggest pensioners’ organisation will be speaking in Enfield next week to discuss the pensioners’ manifesto.

Dot Gibson, leader of National Pensioners Convention, will speak at an open invitation meeting organised by Enfield Over 50s Forum, at the Civic Centre, in Silver Street, from 10.15am.

The campaigner is keen to discuss the pensioners’ manifesto for next May’s General Election.

She said: “All the major parties need to realise that they cannot take the pensioners' vote for granted.

"We need to see cast iron pledges from politicians that properly address the concerns we have before we give them our votes. The idea that the country's economy is struggling because an army of millionaire pensioners are joy-riding with their free bus passes is absolute nonsense.

"The truth is there are just 250,000 higher tax rate pensioners in Britain, around five million paying at the standard rate and six million whose income is so low that don't have enough to pay any tax. That's why we'll be saying 'hands off universal pensioner benefits'.”