The vandalism of a Southgate synagogue has sparked fury.

The Cockfosters and North Southgate Synagogue, in Old Firm Avenue, Southgate, saw windows smashed by a brick on the evening of Wednesday, August 13.

These actions have been condemned by Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes who believes that as a result of Gaza crisis, anti-Semitism has been growing.

He said:  “I am appalled and dismayed that my local synagogue was attacked when a brick was thrown through an upper window. The only explanation is that it was sadly an anti-Semitic attack fomented by anti-Israel criticisms.

“I utterly condemn the attack and hope the police will bring to justice whoever was responsible. Our society thrives on its freedoms which include freedom of speech and religion.

“Freedom to support and criticise Israel but not freedom to discriminate on grounds of religion.

“The increasing number of anti-Semitic attacks since the Gaza crisis highlights that criticism of Israel can be used as a pretext for anti-Semitism.

“My constituents are used to living peacefully alongside neighbours from all backgrounds and creeds.

“This nasty attack and the hateful anti-Semitism behind it has no place in Enfield Southgate or the nation.”

Rosalind Goulden, chairman of the synagogue, added: “I am immensely appreciative of the prompt and comprehensive response by the local Enfield police to this incident.

“This type of behaviour goes against British values proudly upheld by the Jewish community.  We are proud of the contribution made by our members to the enhancement of civic life in the Enfield area over generations.

“Our own security provision, guided by the CST, will be enhanced, to ensure that we continue to feel safe, living side by side with other faith communities.”  

Rabbi Daniel Epstein said: “I am saddened that this incident has upset members of our synagogue.  I recognise the heightened tensions that the community is feeling at this time.

“CNSS continues to be a vibrant centre for the spiritual, social and educational needs of our broad membership and will continue to be so.”