Continuous fly-tipping has left a road "looking like a third-world country", causing misery to those who live on it.

Carterhatch Road, in Enfield Wash, has been subject to incessant fly-tipping for several years, leaving people who live closest to the dumping grounds fuming.

From household rubbish to disused beds, the road has been regularly used as a fly-tipper's paradise with an alleyway off of the road also being exploited.

Zach Hajikypri, who works at Enfield Dental Lab, on Carterhatch Road, told the Enfield Independent that one dumping ground lies right on his doorstep.

He said: “I have lived and worked here since 2001 and this disgusting trend is leaving a terrible mark on the road. It makes my business look terrible and you get all sorts of rubbish sitting in the road.

“The council comes and collects it but that is not the solution to completely stopping this horrific act. The alleyway needs to be gated off to stop people going down there and doing as they please.”

Colin Wackett, who also lives on Carterhatch Road, compared the road to a third world country.

He said: “This is almost a daily crisis that we see in Carterhatch Road. People continue to do it because they know they can get away with it, it’s a never ending cycle.

“Even the fly tippers have taken it to a new level and left a recycling bin with the regular rubbish fly tip. It is like a third world country and I think if I had known it was going to be like this when I first moved here, I might have thought twice.”

The residents claim that a CCTV camera was set up for ten weeks in a bid to catch culprits but this has since been taken down.

Trevor Timling, who has living in the road for three months, added: “People are doing as they please in that alleyway, fly-tipping, defecating, you name it.

“It is absolutely filthy and the stench is horrendous; it’s a complete joke. I really don’t know what can be done to stop this, it’s giving a terrible image to the area.”

Councillor Chris Bond, cabinet member for environment said: “We have had cameras near the site taking photos of individuals fly-tipping. Enfield Borough Council has produced a leaflet with the pictures on for the locality asking residents to identify the people doing this."

Cllr Bond also said that fly-tipping has been reducing and added: “Monitoring is still going on but in the end residents have to identify the culprits.

“This is very serious issue and we will continue to investigate the situation as it goes on. We want to put a stop to fly-tipping across the borough.”