A shopper was left disgusted after finding faeces on the floor of a supermarket.

Antonia Ilobi, of Ponders End, was collecting one or two items from Tesco's store in High Street, Ponders End after visiting her GP when her attention was drawn to the unexpected items.

Speaking to the Enfield Independent, Mrs Ilobi said: “I was getting one or two things from the shop on my way back home. I was on my way down to the first floor and as I was walking towards the checkout, a shopper grabbed my arm and pulled to the side.

“I was confused at that point but then I looked down to see four or five pieces of poo on the floor. I couldn’t believe it.”

Perplexed by what she had seen, Mrs Ilobi and others gathered around heap of droppings in the aisle.

Mrs Ilobi added: “It was incredible to see this in a supermarket, this is something animals do on the street, not in Tesco. I could not tell who or what did it but it was truly shocking.

“The worst part was that staff did not seem to know what to do and didn’t look in shock at all, like this happens all the time.

“I won’t be going back to that shop after this.”

A spokeswoman for Tesco denied that staff failed to act promptly.

She said: “We’ve had an unfortunate incident in the store. As soon as colleagues became aware the site was cordoned off and cleaned. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.”