Engineers will don super hero costumes this weekend to raise awareness of boiler safety.

Ibrahim Tural and Cem Djemil, of Real Boiler Servicing and Maintenance, will be handing out leaflets at Enfield carnival about ensuring their boilers are safe.

Ibrahim Tural, who owns the company, said: “We regularly go out to homes and see unsafe appliances which either haven’t been serviced in years or have been worked on by illegal fitters.

“Worryingly for us, when we go to these homes, residents are often unaware of the danger that they and their families are in. For this reason, we’re pledging our support to Gas Safety Week.

“We are proud to represent our industry as a Gas Safe Hero in Enfield. We want to do our bit to raise awareness of gas safety issues among the public so they know what steps they can take to keep themselves safe.”