Increasing crime and anti-social behaviour are creating a climate of fear within two communities, according to the people who live there.

Those living on the Wilbury estate, in Upper Edmonton, claim that regular crime and anti-social behaviour on the Wilbury Way open space has left them in a state of despair.

Residents in Moree Way, off Fore Street, have also grown increasingly threatened by the constant drug dealing and anti-social behaviour that they claim pervades the area.

Tanya Holman, 30, who has lived on Moree Way all her life, told the Enfield Independent that the area has been in constant decline.

She said: "I have lived here all my life and things have got worse and worse, especially in the past few years.

"The estate received a makeover a few months ago but there is still a lot of drug dealing. There is always someone different coming to the flats and the smell of drugs around here is terrible."

According to figures on, there have been 70 anti-social behaviour crimes recorded on the estate since January 2014.

Ms Holman added: "Something more needs to be done. Authorities know about this ongoing problem but there’s no action, it’s a major issue."

Residents of the Wilbury estate, who recently took part in community day to clean up the open space, say there is regular drug taking in the disused playground.

Dillon Dimes, 18, of Wilbury Way, said: "The condemned playground might be shut off, but it is a drug den. Last month more than 30 needles were taken from there and we found some before the community clear up.

"It is doesn’t have a great reputation, there is a lot of drugs and anti-social behaviour but things are hopefully going to change. It will take time and money but I hope it can change.

"There is a lot of fly-tipping from the houses but we are seeing more police round here which is good."

Maria Averkiou, who lives on the estate, said: "There is always something happening round here, there are so many people on the estate going there taking drug; it is unruly.

"We need more people to come together, it’s all well and good me saying I’m happy to come out, but not enough people are willing to do the same.

Friends of Weir Hall and Tatem Parks have recently been granted £40,000 from Enfield Residents’ Priority Fund and the Mayor Marathon Trust to help reform the park.

Edmonton MP Andy Love said: "I am very well aware of the difficulties on the Moree Way estate.  It’s a sensitive area where there have been problems with numbers of young people gathering, anti-social behaviour and related drug activity.

"The Wilbury Way open space is somewhat isolated and is used not only as a recreation area but as a quick route to Edmonton Green. There have been a number of complaints, particularly about the unsafe nature of the space, and I know the police are working to resolve these issues.

"They are issues that I take very seriously and I am currently in contact with CAPE in order to bring these concerns about drug activity and anti-social behaviour in Upper Edmonton to the attention of the authorities."

Inspector Sharon McHugh said: "We were not previously aware of problems at Wilbury open space but we are now in contact with the parks group and we are looking to set up a neighbourhood watch group and increase patrols.

"Moree Way is very close to Pymmes Park and we have placed a dispersal zone around the park, which includes the estate and this will help stop anti-social behaviour.

"We regularly issue at least two drug warrants a month in the Edmonton cluster and are looking to be in closer contact with residents regarding the problem."