A council cabinet member has vehemently denied supporting the creation of a traffic-free zone in a part of his ward.

Cabinet member for environment, Councillor Chris Bond appeared to show his support to create a traffic free zone in roads between Southbury Road and Lincoln Road in an online petition.

The petition, set up by the London Cycling Campaign to campaign for more cycle space in the borough, asks councillors to support their proposals in different wards.

In the petition for improving cycling in Southbury Ward, it reads: “The area bounded by Lincoln Road, Southbury Road, the A10 and Enfield Town is used by motorists as a short cut from the A10 to Enfield Town.

“A greenway cycle route passes through this area even though parked cars and a bus route make it difficult for cyclists.

“To create a traffic free zone within this area would provide a safe route for cyclists into the town centre, link with the proposed cycle path along Southbury road and make life better for residents.”

The proposal by the Enfield branch of the cycling campaign has raised concerns among residents in the roads which could become traffic free.

Jennifer Bartlett, of Falmer Road, told the Enfield Independent that creating a traffic-free zone would cause substantial problems.

She said: “This is a residential area in Enfield and for as much as we don’t want to see a lot of traffic down here, it would be impossible to create a traffic free zone.

“Where would people park? Buses would have to be rerouted which would also cause a lot of problems as well.”

Adrian Golding, who lives in Fotheringham Road, said: “It’s a good idea in theory but having a traffic-free zone here will just cause chaos in another part between Southbury and Lincoln roads.

“All roads round here have become one-way, which has stopped a lot of the gridlock we used to get, but cycle lanes would result in even heavier traffic around Southbury Road because people use these roads to get away from that.”

Although not official council policy, the online petition shows Cllr Bond’s backing for the idea.

However, the councillor has categorically denied supporting the section of the petition which proposes to create a traffic-free zone.

He said: “I supported improving cycling in the area but I did not sign up for a traffic-free zone in that area. That was not in the petition when I was asked to show my support.

“This is all coming under the Cycle Enfield project and we will consult properly with residents in Southbury for improving cycling but if people do not want certain things then we will listen to them.

“The last thing we want to do is create more traffic as a result of this project and I am sure that will not happen.”

Jo Laban, deputy leader of the Conservative Group: “Banning cars around Fortheringham Road is ridiculous. It is a residential area in an outer London borough and people need cars to get to work, go to the supermarket and generally live their lives.”