A primary school is inviting parents to come back to school to learn vital skills.

Honilands Primary school, in Lovell Road, Enfield Wash, is celebrating the launch of its 'parent college'.

In it, the school offers courses to help parents with young children such as economics, computer skills and cooking classes.

The blueprint comes from a scheme which dates back to the 1970s and early 1980s in Harlem, New York, which offered similar classes to help parents develop socially and economically.

Headteacher Ralph Silverman said: “Honilands Parent College is one of the most exciting recent developments in our school calendar because it allows members of the local community to select their own learning opportunities, through a series of courses that will run over the year.

“We have decided to do this a school because we have realised that in order to deal with some of the challenges families in our local area face we need to be proactive.

“Our community cohesion has always been at the heart of our school ethos and it’s shared equally by our staff and our governing body. Honilands Parent College is the next step up in our long-term vision.”

The school has launched its own prospectus for the college and is appealing for parents to come down and sign up.