One of the first female priests in the area is revelling in the challenges that she faces.

The Reverend Hazel Miall, 65, was ordained the first female priest at Christ Church, in The Green, Southgate, one of the oldest churches in the borough, dating back four centuries.

It has been a long arduous journey to become for Mrs Miall, following six years as a churchwarden, two years as deacon, she also studied for a degree in contextual theology for two years.

Speaking to the Enfield Independent inside the grand church, The Rev Miall said: “I was more relieved than anything once I became ordained. Usually when you do your training you end up staying at the church you are sent to.

“But I always wanted to come back here because it is a very warm place and somewhere I have always felt a part of.”

Studying at St Mellitus, the new priest will be taking on more responsibility as current vicar Peter Jackson is set to leave.

She said: “It is going to be very challenging but I am up for it and there is fantastic support here at the church.”

There has been a heated debate at the Church of England on whether woman can be ordained as bishops.

The newly ordained priest is happy to see the synod support the case for women bishops.

She said: “There has been an attitude shift over the past few years and I think it is very good that the issue is being backed.

“It is similar to the previous campaigns of doctors and lawyers but a few generations later. There is a caring element to all three aspects and it will be great to see more and more women priests and bishops in the future.”