Students have been getting hands on experience in political life by helping organise a charity event.

Students from Lea Valley High School, Chace Community, Kingsmead, Enfield County and Highlands have been helping run a diabetes awareness day at the Co-op car park in Hertford Road.

The day is part of a political summer course hosted by Enfield North MP Nick de Bois.

Students will be taken on a tour of Westminster and the Supreme Court and will be visiting 10 Downing Street today.

More than 60 people took the diabetes test with the Silver Star Charity mobile diabetes testing unit.

Mr de Bois said: “Trust in politics and the democratic process was severely damaged during the last parliament and the expenses scandal.

“It's important the next generation are encouraged to participate in the democratic process and be part of the movement to make politics more representative, open and rebuild trust in the system.

“The students this week are both fantastic ambassadors for Enfield and hopefully future political leaders."