A headteacher is celebrating after taking her school out of special measures in less than 18 months.

Helen Pearson, headteacher at De Bohun Primary School, in Green Road, Southgate, is also rejoicing after the school's key stage two SATs results for maths rocketed from 42nd in the borough to eighth best.

The school's latest Ofsted inspection in May 2014 saw it come out of special measures after it was found failing in October 2012.

The school's latest results were also higher than the Enfield average for reading, writing, and science at key stage two.

Looking back at her time since joining the school in December 2012, Ms Pearson said: “The school went into special measures in October 2012 but we came out of that in May 2014.

“We are absolutely delighted to go from a failing school to eighth in the borough for maths, it’s tremendous.

“They have put us into 'requires improvement' for learning but they have given us a 'good' rating [Ofsted's second highest] for leadership and management, and a 'good' for children’s safety, which is really positive. Had they come back after the SATs results, we would have got two across the board.”

Visitors to the school see a London bus depicted on the wall, travelling up the first staircase, with each stop the next target for the school.

Ms Pearson added: “The school is completely different. The attitude to learning from children and teaching has really improved and there is a good structure in place now.

“We have the bus going up the mountain on display and this really visualises for the children what we need to do to become outstanding.

“They [the children] are very proud of what they have done. The school was in a dark place but I we have come away from that now.”

The headteacher also told the Enfield Independent that the 300 pupil school has spaces across the board for any parents struggling to find a place for their child.

She said: “The school gets a reputation after being put in special measures and that can take a long time to recover from.

“We have outstanding teachers here and we have school places across the years and we welcome anyone who wants to join our journey.

“Next time the Ofsted inspectors come I would like 'good' across the board with some outstanding features."