A family are set to star in a science film about giant bubbles.

Science teacher Mei Lapuz and her husband Jason, of Grove Gardens, in Enfield Wash, will appear with their daughter Mischa, six, in a short film about how to make giant bubbles using only household objects.

The project 'ExpeReimental' was set up by the Royal Institution of Great Britian and the film is set to launch tomorrow alongside two other short films about lava lamps and rubber band cannons.

Mrs Lapuz said: "What I've learnt as a science teacher and as a parent is that children are naturally curious and always ask lots of questions to find out about how everything works. They constantly love to explore and test new ideas.

“ExpeReimental is a unique and fantastic project which will help children develop a love for science, get them thinking scientifically and nurture their curious minds.

“Playing with bubbles was a great opportunity to get Mischa investigating simple concepts and discovering the answers herself by giving her the resources to do so, asking her questions and encouraging her to explain the answers.

“I hope this project will encourage all families to show their children different ways to explore science in a fun, cheap and easy way, within the comfort of their own homes.”

Mischa, added: "I enjoyed playing with and testing how to make bubbles with different shaped and sized holes.

“I learnt that the bubbles got bigger when the hole I blew through got bigger and was really surprised that no matter what shape I used all bubbles made a sphere shape.

“I had a great time making huge bubbles with mummy using a baking tin and then making even bigger bubbles with the string, key and two wooden spoons."