Police have pledged to look into road safety at the scene of a crash in which a popular restaurant manager was killed.

Adem Mehmet died instantly from a severe head injury when his car swerved into a 313 route bus on the Ridgeway, in Enfield in the early hours of Saturday, August 24.

An inquest in Barnet heard today that Mr Mehmet’s car appeared to swerve round something and into the path of the out-of-service bus.

Coroner Andrew Walker concluded that Mr Mehmet’s death was as a result of a road traffic accident.

However, in response to questions from Mr Walker, Detective Constable Mandy Powell and PC Simon Gladstone admitted they would look into safety on the part of the Ridgeway where the accident occurred.

The 24-year-old's mother Hulya Mehmet wept throughout the inquest as letters were read out from the bus driver, Seyhan Mehmet, no relation, and the only witness to the crash, Matthew Jeffries.

In a statement read in court, the bus driver said: “I approached the bend at about 20 to 30mph and I saw these headlights coming towards the turn.

“The vehicle drifted across the road towards me and I started to think ‘will he make that bend? Is he going to hit me?’ I can only think he might have had a heart attack or fallen asleep.

“His car hit the bus, causing the bus to go off the road and the car was in the ditch.”

The court heard that Mr Mehmet, manager of TGI Fridays in Southbury Road, Enfield, was driving between 40 and 50mph, below the speed limit.

Matthew Jeffries, who was driving behind the bus when the incident occurred, said the impact was ‘almost immediate’ as the car turned round the bend.

His statement said: “The vehicle came around the bend on the right side of the road but it appeared the driver swerved to avoid something in the road and went into the central part of the road.

“The impact was almost immediate. I saw the Toyota spinning out of control towards me and there were bits flying off the vehicle.”

Mr Mehmet's funeral attracted more than 400 people and a tribute page on social media site Facebook attracted more than 1,400 members.