Police are planning to increase their presence along the Hertford Road following concern from traders.

This comes after shopkeepers Allan Millwood of Albany Radio, and Dean Partridge of Everitt flourists, claimed a crime spree including shoplifting, burglary and robbery is on a par with the riots of 2011.

Following a report by the Enfield Independent, Enfield police told the paper that a plan to “maintain an increase police presence in the area” will be made.

Inspector Carl Silcock from Enfield Borough Police, said: "Naturally, I am very disappointed that Mr Millwood feels that there has been a lack of police help in Hertford Road.

“Hertford Road is approximately four miles long and it incorporates eight wards, it is one of the main roads running north to south in the borough and there are a large number of shops and businesses along its route.”

The inspector admitted that crime levels along the road had been “challenging” but the area remains high on the police’s priorities.

He added: “Historically, crime levels have been challenging in Hertford Road and it will continue to be an area of focus for police activity to reduce it.

“While some of the crime figures quoted are misleading, I do understand the concerns raised by Mr Millwood. I and other officers have discussed several issues with him over recent weeks with a view to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.”

Mr Millwood claimed police have been moved elsewhere in Enfield and the north east of the borough had been neglected.

However, Insp Silcock believes that patrols have increased in the area and that a police presence will increase.

He said: “We have visited a large number of local businesses in Hertford Road and have provided crime prevention advice in relation to protecting their premises and improving general security arrangements.

“We have tasked additional patrols during the day and night over the last couple of months and a number of arrests have been made for numerous offences including burglary.

"In addition, we have posted our mobile police station to the area recently so that residents and business owners can speak to our officers and discuss their concerns with us.

“We will continue to work closely with Mr Millwood and other people living and working in Hertford Road, in the meantime we have planned to maintain an increased police presence in the area and will be utilising numerous different tactics to target those responsible for crime and anti-social behaviour."