Historic tiles dating back more than a century are being ripped out of front gardens.

Osborne Road, in Palmers Green has suffered a spate of robberies during the past month to Edwardian and Victorian tiles in people’s front gardens.

The patterned tiles remain at a few houses in the street and are original to when the road was built more than 100 years ago.

However their future appears to be at risk as huge chunks of the patterned tiles are being torn out each week.

Susan Smith, of Osborne Road, has seen her tiles taken out and admits that it has left a her front garden as an “obstacle course.”

She said: “We noticed a small part was missing whilst we had builders in, we just assumed that an accident had happened.

“But there is a huge gap leading up to our door with no tiles in whatsoever. We have put slabs down to cover it up but I have two young children and its become an obstacle course to get to the front door.

“The beautiful design was one of the reasons why we chose to move here a few years ago and its like the soul has been ripped out the house.”

Tina Babbs, neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for Osborne road, told the Enfield Independent about the peculiar that has emerged in the area.

She said: “It is an awful crime which is taking place and not something you hear every day. It started happening around a month ago during the night. A small piece would be gone here and there.

“At first we all thought it was just a one off, until we noticed a massive area had been dug up and take out.”

Ms Babbs claims the area stolen is around four foot by two foot but is baffled as to how the theft is taking place.

She added: “I still can’t work out how this is happening; the tiles are quite deep and would surely take a lot of digging. Yet not one person has seen this happen, astonishing.”

The neighbourhood watch team are highly concerned by the continued theft and worry that the road could lose its historic roots forever.