Girls from across the borough held a special picnic to mark the centenary of the Brownies.

The girl group made up of seven to ten year olds celebrated 100 years of Brownies at Caterhatch Primary School, in Caterhatch Lane, Enfield.

Party games, ice lollies and signing around a birthday cake made up the special day’s activities.

The Brownies, from 13 of the 22 units in Enfield, created a time capsule and filled it with letters and things that remind the girls why they take part in the Brownies.

Clare Wheeler, division commisioner, said: “Seeing the girls take part in the fun and games today has been fantastic.

“I have loved reading all of their stories about what they get up to each week, the trips they go on and their favourite places to sleepover (Science Museum and RAF Hendon), it is great to hear they all want Brownies to be around in another 100 years from today tool.”