Mayor of London Boris Johnson quizzed children about the Queen and Oliver Cromwell when he opened a primary school.

Mr Johnson joked with pupils of Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy, in The Ride, Enfield when he went on a tour of the £4.1million building.

The free school moved into its new premises in September 2013 while it was still under construction but the building has now been fully completed.

Following a serenade from the pupils, Mr Johnson even found time to have a puppet fight with the children, claiming to re-enact an EU debate and naming his puppet after German chancellor Angela Merkel.

After recent rejection of funding for a new primary school in the west of the borough, Mr Johnson said that the area needs to “equip” itself with enough free schools.

He said: “We need to add to the number of schools in the borough and one thing we have been saying to the government is that London is having a baby  boom and we need to be equipping ourselves with free new schools everywhere and this new school project is part of that, we have more free schools than anywhere.

“If there is an application for a new school then it will be listened very attentively, this school seems to have a lot of demand and it looks like a wonderful school.”

Officially opening the school, Mr Johnson was also announcing that he has freed up public land and properties to help build eleven schools, nine of which are free schools, across London in an attempt to cope with 90,000 places needed in the capital.

Headteacher Matthew Laban said: “This is a very exciting and vibrant school and is a fantastic learning space. We have been in here since September but now it is fully completed and we can now call it our home.

“Not only is the learning area beautifully designed but we have a great playground facility and communal space.”

Kingfisher Hall is part of the Cuckoo Halls Academy Trust which has three other schools in Enfield, received £260,900 for the project.

When at full capacity, the school will hold 420 pupils.