Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust was investigated in connection with disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile after a former patient reported the DJ had had sex with a dead body.

The trust became aware of the patient’s allegation in November last year and commissioned an investigation along with 28 other NHS hospitals following accusations about the now-dead entertainer.

A witness, who was on the orthopaedic ward at Barnet General Hospital (BGH) in 1985, told the trust she recalled having a late night conversation with nurses who had seen Savile at another hospital they had worked at.

The nurses said they were suspicious of the "creepy man" and decided to spy on him. They followed Saville through the corridors and watched through an air vent as he had sex with a dead body in a mortuary.

Nurses then told the witness the former Jim'll Fix It presenter “liked to have sex with dead bodies”.

The witness confirmed this did not happen at Barnet General Hospital and although she thought it took place at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, she could not be certain.

The witness kept diaries and was able to retrieve notes made at the time of the incident, although the trust was unable to identify the nurses.

The investigation also confirmed there was no record of Jimmy Savile being involved with Barnet General Hospital, either through fundraising events, VIP visits or charitable donations.

The former presenter of Top of the Pops died aged 84 in 0ctober 2011 - a year before he was accused of abusing hundreds of victims.

As part of the investigation, Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust also examined current policies and procedures which it found to be “robust enough” to protect children and vulnerable adults.

But in a report issued today, the investigators recommended BGH’s improves its safety procedures with volunteers who are recruited and permitted to work in the trust – which BGH has now completed.

In a statement, the trust said: “We investigated the evidence thoroughly and we found no evidence of Jimmy Savile ever being involved in Barnet General Hospital or Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust at any time. 

“From the investigation we recognised that we needed to strengthen our systems and processes regarding volunteers and visitors to ensure patients and staff are not put at risk. We have now completed this.”