The new mayor of Enfield has made it his aim to educate more people about local politics.

Formally appointed two weeks ago, Upper Edmonton councillor Ali Bakir has set his sights on helping as many people learn about politics in the borough as possible.

In an interview with the Enfield Independent, Cllr Bakir said: “I want to meet with different people to pass their views onto the cabinet, because a lot of people don’t know how to reach the political arena.

“People have already mention problems they have and they don’t know how to go through the different committees so I have been explaining to them already.

“A lot of people aren’t sure of the rules of local government and I hope I can help more people know where to go with their complaints because the council has a lot of power.

Serving his second term as a councillor, Mr Bakir insisted his Mayoral duties would not affect his work serving the community.

He said:  “I will be still holding my regular surgeries and linking with my fellow councillors as often as I can. Having lived in Upper Edmonton, I know a lot about the needs of the people there.”

Cllr Bakir was officially named Mayor in front of a packed council chamber and admitted there was two sides to his emotions on the night.

He said: “It was humbling in a way to see that many people but others were upset that I couldn’t get everyone in but as I said on the night, I couldn’t book Wembley.”

“I left treats for all the councillors because I am someone who does things differently and not by the norm. I hope to do something different every time we have full council.”

Mr Bakir also told the Enfield Independent that the borough has given him “a lot of opportunities” and he wants to pay that back to the population.

He said: “I have always been active in the community, but just being a councillor was not giving me much chance to be involved with charities and other organisations.

"As Mayor, this is going to give me the chance to meet more charities and people to see what I can give back to Enfield borough, this area has given me a lot of opportunities.

"I would particularly like to target charities that help children with learning difficulties. There is something inside me which makes we want to help those types of charities and it hits me when I see these charities struggling.”