Drama students had a chance to speak to double Oscar nominee Helena Bonham-Carter.

Pupils at Broomfield School, in Wilmer Way, Enfield, were able to put their questions to the BAFTA-winning actress about her film The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet.

Held at the Courthouse Hotel in London's West End, ten students from the school watched a preview of the film before quizzing the actress about the movie, her career, life on a film set and how she got into the film industry.

Film club leader at the school Martha Braggins said: “Our drama students benefited hugely from this amazing opportunity.

“They gained an insight from Helena into the mechanics of making a major feature film such as TS Spivet, in particular the actress’ preparation for the role of Dr Claire, and were also able to ask questions about Helena’s wider career and the industry in general.

"Overall though, they couldn’t believe how natural, down to earth and friendly in real life Helena was.”

Speaking about the event, the actress said: “I loved it and I loved their interest and enthusiasm. I hope they did genuinely enjoy it, and I hope they’ll spread the word.

“So many people watch films on their own at home and it’s not a communal thing, so for me to sit here and hear the laughter, the appreciation, the jokes, you can tell also when a story is being well told and what point you go across from watching it through the eyes of the audience so it was hugely helpful.”