Gardeners have been transforming their driveways to raise money for charity.

Carol Dekan and Pauline Creer, raised £1,350 for Nightingale Cancer Support Centre, in Lancaster Road, Enfield by selling plants from their driveway.

Making the transformation for the seventh year in a row, the couple beat their previous highest total.

Pottering away in their greenhouses in order to grow and sell the plants, Ms Dekan told the newspaper why they raised money for the support group.

She said: “I like to support The Nightingale as it is a local charity that provides amazing support and care not just for cancer patients but also family members and carers too, this awful illness effects so many people.

“The Nightingale receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of the local community, and we hope that the little bit we raise helps.

“We all know of people, family or friends, that are affected by cancer and without the likes of the Nightingale where would these people be?

“The NHS is not able to offer that extra mile that families need at such difficult times. My friends and I all enjoy our gardening and in doing the plant sale we get even more satisfaction from doing something we enjoy and the challenge of raising as many funds as we can for such a worthwhile charity.”

Lesa Barker, fundraising manager for The Nightingale, said: “Having dedicated and loyal supporters like Pauline and Carol make my job so much easier, it is so hard for us as a local charity to raise the amount of funds we need to be able to provide all of our services for free, to people affected by cancer.

“But with people like this, organising events for us and utilising their own hobbies it helps us to keep on growing from strength to strength.”