A dispersal zone and extra CCTV is being introduced to an area of Enfield following numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour.

Young people have been loitering in Chase Green, harassing neighbours, drinking in the street and committing criminal damage and theft.

Enfield Council has received a series of complaints about the issue and renewed a dispersal order that gives police the power to break up groups of young people hanging around in the area.

Mobile CCTV cameras and additional police patrols will also be introduced to tackle the problem and the council plans to send its youth work team into the area.

Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment Chris Bond said: “Enfield Council takes the safety and security of our residents extremely seriously and we aren’t going to tolerate a group of people hanging around our town centres causing havoc and scaring honest, law abiding members of society.

“We’ve acted promptly to address residents’ concerns and we’ll be closely monitoring the situation to make sure that we get this sorted out as quickly as possible.”