Tougher punishments to crack down on knife crime have been pushed one step closer.

Enfield North MP Nick de Bois and Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes are closing in on their bid to bring in mandatory jail sentences for people caught carrying a knife for second time.

Their amendment to the Criminal Courts and Justice bill will also see under 18s given a mandatory detention sentence for the same offence.

In the House of Commons today, a resounding 404 votes were given in favour of the bill and just 53 against.

Liberal Democrats had stood firm against the proposed law with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claiming it is a “headline-grabbing” move by the Conservatives.

However, most Labour MPs joined Conservative backbenchers in voting for the amendment.

The bill will now go to the House of Lords for a final reading before being passed on for Royal Assent. 

Delighted by the verdict, MP de Bois said in his summing up that parliament was in “a unique position" after witnessing support coming from across the house for the bill.

Mr de Bois cited the work of knife crime campaigner Yvonne Lawson, who lost her son Godwin to a fatal stabbing four years ago, as inspiration to the campaign.

After the debate, Mr de Bois added: “I am absolutely delighted with the vote from across the parliament, with the exception of the Liberal Democrats.

“This does not mark the end of knife crime in the country, but it is a significant step towards stamping out the knife culture. It has shown that local views can make a massive difference.”

The Enfield MPs have previously supported the Enfield Independent’s anti-knife campaign ‘Don’t Carry Don’t Kill’ which was enshrined into law in December 2012 and dubbed the ‘Enfield Law’.

Jeremy Wright, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice, paid tribute to the work of the two Enfield MPs.

He told the Enfield Independent: “Nick and David have a lot to be proud of, they have done a fantastic job in making the case and getting it through.

"Nick has had a great record in campaigning on knife crime, he has already changed the law on knife crime and for a backbencher to change the law twice is incredible."