A festival of cycling will conclude this week when more than 2,000 children take part in the final leg of the Tour d’Enfield.

Children aged between eight to 11 have been taking part in the borough-wide event across eight parks hosting activities including cycling, skateboard slaloms and trick parks.

Each session was available to up to 250 children and the scheme will conclude on Friday at Enfield Town Park.

The scheme, organised by Enfield Council, comes as part of a £30million investment from the Mayor of London aimed at increasing the numbers of people using bikes across the borough.

But plans to convert the borough into a ‘mini-Holland’ have attracted criticism from people who say changes to road layouts would remove parking bays and kill the high street.

Councillor Chris Bond, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “This series of events is successful in so many ways. Children are getting great exercise, learning to cycle and understanding road safety.

“In March Enfield Council was awarded up to £30 million from the Mayor of London for a Mini-Holland project to improve Enfield’s cycling network and town centres for residents and to get more people on their bikes.

“For Enfield this is the ‘Age of the Bike’, and the ‘Tour d'Enfield’ is a big part of it as new generations gain the confidence and skill to cycle on safer routes that we shall create in our borough and to enjoy our open spaces.”