A new home to provide care for HIV patients has been opened at a hospital.

The Alexander Pringle Centre at North Middlesex University Hospital, in Sterling Way, Edmonton, will treat people who suffer from HIV.

One in four people who live in Enfield and Haringey that have HIV don't currently know they have it and the centre will aim to reduce this statistic.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), if untreated, can develop into the life threatening disease AIDS, but if people are tested, they can access treatment and live a near normal life with it.

North Middlesex University Hospital’s clinical director for specialist medicine, Dr Achim Schwenk said: “We’re delighted to have this wonderful modern building for our service users.

“Living with HIV can be stressful, too many people still feel they are alone with this disease because of the great stigma attached wrongly to HIV.

“This new centre, with its friendly and competent staff, and with its artwork, provides a supportive environment for all people living with HIV. We’re very grateful to the artists who have contributed their inspirational work.”

The centre also has an artistic feel with Nigerian born Karl Ohiri and artist Fabienne Gassmann, giving their works to the centre.

Andy Love, MP for Edmonton, said: “We all remember the terrible years when AIDS was first discovered but fortunately times have moved on. One of the key issues today is all the people out there who don’t know about HIV and don’t realise that they may have it. People should have a blood test.”

Giving his name to the building, Dr Pringle said: “It became clear to me in the early 1980s that there would be quite a lot of people living with HIV and AIDS in Enfield and Haringey and that we needed an excellent facility for them.”