Football fans looking forward to a few drinks during World Cup matches have been warned not to drink drive the day after a game.

With the stage set in Brazil, Enfield Borough Council is warning those watching the biggest sporting event in the world against heavy drinking.

Matches at the World Cup will take place between 5pm and 2am for the next five weeks and the council says anyone who stays up late to watch their beloved nation could still be over the limit the following morning.

Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment Councillor Chris Bond, said: “Our serious message is that drink affects how we see clearly, think clearly and alters our perceptions by reducing our judgement so we are unable to react to danger or spot hazards.

“Our message is to enjoy the World Cup but remember that just one drink can impair your judgement and could take you over the legal limit.”

To show the effects of drinking, the council has invited the public to try and save a goal with impairment goggles outside Marks & Spencer and Pearsons in Palace Gardens, Enfield, on Saturday.

People prosecuted for drink driving are automatically banned from driving by the courts and can receive further punishments depending on the severity of the offence.