An MP has been showing his support for new talking buses by taking a journey blindfolded.

Edmonton MP Andy Love made a trip through his constituency with his eyes covered as part of his attempt to lobby the Government to implement audiovisual announcements on all buses.

He was assisted on the journey by Guide Dogs, the organisation behind the talking buses campaign.

Mr Love said: “It was humbling to experience just a tiny fraction of what getting around as a visually impaired person is like.

Even with a white stick and a guider I found it incredibly difficult to make a bus journey and, if it hadn’t been for the audio announcements, I would have been totally lost.

“It doesn’t make sense for the Government not to support the rolling out of audio visual announcements on all new buses across the UK.

“It is a small change that would make a massive difference, not only to visually impaired people but to all of us who are travelling on unfamiliar routes or in the dark.”