Enfield Borough Council has moved to allay fears that parkland was up for sale after fears arose that housing could be built on the land.

Grovelands Residents Association and Friends of Bourneside Sports Ground released a statement, voicing their concerns about Grovelands land next to Queen Elizabeth Drive, in Southgate.

Concerns arose after a section of the park was marked as “no public accessibility”, leading to fears that greenery could be lost from the park.

Michael Clary, joint chairman of the Grovelands Residents Association, said: “Local residents have been using that part of the land for many years without any hindrance, in the same way that they have used the land on which a school would be situated.

“We fear that the move is intended to make it easier to sell the land for some form of development in the future, over and above the proposed school, completely changing the nature of the area.”

The site is also host to the priory hospital and has been seen as a possible building site for a new school to ease demand pressures on school places.

The two groups are also united against a school building.

Mr Clary added: “We are of course aware of council plans for a primary school on part of the site.  We stand together opposing this.  Better sites are available to meet the undoubted educational need with a less destructive impact.  The land should be revitalised to retain and enhance its existing sporting use.”

Enfield Council has categorically denied selling the land and a spokesman said: “Enfield Council has absolutely no intention of releasing the land adjoining Queen Elizabeth Drive for residential development.

“At present the part of the site the residents are referring to is made up of an area used by the private nursery, disused tennis courts and woodland. The latter are not used by the general public, hence the designation “no public accessibility”.