A mother has spoken of her agony after watching footage of her autistic son being assaulted by his carer.

Sean Mullen, 28, from Oakwood, was slapped repeatedly by care worker Gregely Losonczi at his former day centre Pashun Outreach, in Walthamstow last summer.

A member of staff caught the shocking incident on camera, and Sean’s mother Rose, 55, told the Enfield Independent about watching the footage, which revealed the abuse her son was subjected to.

She said: “I was on holiday for the first time in about ten years when I got the call from the centre saying there had been an incident involving Sean but everything was ok.

“Because Sean can get a little violent sometimes, we weren’t sure whether to give the benefit of the doubt to the worker, until we saw the video.

“It was absolutely horrific to watch and I can’t tell you how disgusted I was watching someone do that to my son.

“It was like one of those videos you see on Panorama about care workers abusing the elderly but it was much, much worse.”

Mrs Mullen revealed that because of Sean’s condition, he hasn’t been able to express what happened but believes this is not the first time the care worker has abused people.

She said: “To have a camera ready to record this tells us that this is not the first time he has done something to someone in his care.”

Losonczi denied common assault but was found guilty of the charge on April 18, and will now be sentenced this week at Thames Magistrates Court.

Mrs Mullen claims that he denied the assault because the video did not show his face clearly.

Now Sean has been found another place at an Enfield care home, Mrs Mullen said: “We are happy that he has been able to move to a different care home in Enfield and this man has got his just deserts.”

The care home in Walthamstow has closed as a result of investigations.