Benches adorned with the names of three teenagers who lost their lives in a car crash have been installed on the estate where the boys grew up.

Jack Boyton, and Harry Ferrand, both 17, Ashley Jones, 19, all of Elsinge estate, Bullsmoor, were killed when their car crashed into a parked lorry on A10 near Hoddesdon in Cheshunt on November 9, 2012.

Now, the estate has a permanent reminder of the three teenagers after three concrete benches were installed, with one name on each bench.

Jack’s mother Sarah, who runs a cafe in memory of her son on the Elsinge estate, said: “The benches are superb and will outlast all of us.

“The benches go to show how popular the boys were, and I always see their friends and other people sitting on them.

“We never used to have any benches on the estate but I think this will bring a community feel to the place and bring everyone closer together.”

The mothers of the three boys came together last week to officially open the benches, also planting a tree each. Ms Boyton admits it was a moving experience.

She said: “It was very emotional. Having the cafe here gets me through every day and now I can see the benches from where I live.”

The benches were funded by Pocket Parks, with the area also playing host to a sandpit.