An Edmonton amusement arcade has raised £100,000 - enough to pay for 17 wheelchairs - for a disability charity.

Cashino gaming centre in Edmonton Green raised the six-figure sum during the past 12 months for CHIPS, who provide wheelchairs for young people.

As a result of the arcade's fund raising, 17 teenagers will receive brand new wheelchairs.

Phil Gibbs, marketing manager for Cashino, said: "It's been a great effort by our staff and customers this year and hopefully our continued efforts will help to raise much needed funds for many more wheelchairs in the future."

CHIPS co-founder Linda Lindsay added: "Cashino is one of our main fundraisers and were it not for them, these children wouldn't have an opportunity to combat their disabilities with such a valuable resource.

"I know both everyone at the charity and the recipients themselves are all very grateful to those involved."