Enfield has been rated in the ten worst places to live, according to a housing market survey.

The ‘Happy Homes’ survey by Rightmove ranked Enfield the sixth most unhappy place to live in the UK.

The survey saw people rank their own communities in 12 different factors such as wellbeing, pride, decor, neighbourliness and costs.

Of the 111 places that were surveyed, Enfield’s lowest ranking came in the decor factor, ranking 109th.

In addition, the borough was ranked 108th for pride, 106th for safety and 103rd for neighbourliness.

Conversely, Enfield’s highest ranking came in the amenities factor and was among the top 30, coming in 24th.

Elsewhere, east London was ranked the unhappiest place in the UK with Harrow also featuring in the bottom ten.

Harrogate was voted the happiest place in the UK to live. Not one London area was ranked in the top ten, but every area in the bottom ten was from the capital.