The UK Independence Party received more than 10,000 votes in this year’s Enfield Borough Council election but failed to obtain a seat.

UKIP's support showed a marked upturn from four years ago when they had less than one per cent of the vote with 3,246 votes.

Four years on, and the party has increased its number of candidates from six to 16, and that clearly had an impact as UKIP gained 10,430 votes across the borough, five per cent of voters.

The improvement will only add to UKIP’s growing popularity following a successful night for the party across the UK.

Despite fielding at least one candidate in each ward, the Green Party saw its number of votes fall from 16,131 in 2010 to 12,336 this time around.

However, the percentage of voters who have gone Green has increased from 4.5 per cent to six per cent.

Candidate Douglas Coker said: “We know that this is a two-party ward and that was always going to be difficult to break.

“Ultimately our aim was two things in Enfield, to give everyone the opportunity to vote Green and test out our 20mph campaign in Winchmore Hill, which we have done.”

Expecting to take a blow, the Liberal Democrats suffered massively in Enfield as it received just one per cent of the votes cast compared to 8.3 per cent in 2010.

Ultimately it was to be a disappointing night for the Independents. With six standing across the wards, the highest amount of votes went to Costas Georgiou in Palmers Green. He received 668 votes.